April’s second Letter from the Curator (2018)

Dear Friends, We are so excited about opening this Easter Bank Holiday weekend as the castle is at its very best with people in the grounds, small families, large families – young and old, we love to see people enjoying themselves. We open for group bookings of 20 or over 12 months of the year. If you have a group … Read More

April’s Letter from the Curator (2018)

April is nearly upon us and the Vikings are arriving over the horizon. Everything is ready for the new season, new paintwork, lots of flowers in the garden, and the grass has already been cut a couple of times. It is a pleasure to be here. The winter was a bit bleak but that is all forgotten now as we … Read More

March’s Letter from the Curator (2018)

Dear Friends, The daffodils poked their heads through during the first week of February. I always think there is light at the end of the tunnel when they appear. The long winter is about the turn into spring and all that brings with it. The daffodil as well as being the national flower of Wales also symbolises new beginnings, rebirth … Read More

February’s Letter from the Curator (2018)

Dear Friends, Welcome to February at Tutbury Castle with dramatic skies, high winds and snowdrops – there is even the odd daffodil peeping through promising that spring is just around the corner. February is of course the month for romance. It is a good idea too as everyone is ready for a warm cuddle at this time of the year … Read More

January’s Letter from the Curator (2018)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! All of us are busy re-decorating and spring cleaning. Our beautiful tea room is just begging for you to come and see it.  A new coat of paint, tablecloths and painted furniture. Wow what a difference!  Not long for you to wait now.  Easter is nearly here and we will be opening up our doors for another … Read More

December’s Letter from the Curator (2017)

Dear Friends, Welcome to our smart new website which has been designed to be uncluttered, easy to navigate through and gives you all you need to know if you thinking of visiting oryou would just like to know more about Tutbury Castle. As with projects of this nature there is usually a small amount of change even when is goes … Read More

November’s Letter from the Curator (2017)

The Vikings have left in a roaring crowd of leather and chainmail. Our bonfire nights are now nationally famous with people travelling from all over the UK and staying in local hotels specially to attend which is so wonderful. Thanks to all who supported us yet again.  For those who don’t remember we decided to have Guy Fawkes and a … Read More

September’s Letter from the Curator (2017)

Dear Friends Another fantastic Bank Holiday just disappearing over the horizon.  Everyone had great fun in the blazing sunshine at the Fairytale weekend, even the adults.  One father made me smile, “Excuse me Fairy God Mother, where is story time being held?” he asked. How come those Princesses don’t age with time?  All stunningly beautiful and every little girl wants … Read More

August’s Letter from the Curator (2017)

Dear Friends What has happened to the beautiful hot weather?  Such a promising start with temperatures hotter than Ibiza! Despite the weather there is still plenty of activity at the castle and our visitors are not letting it dampen their spirits.  Cream Teas are still going down a storm with lashings of clotted cream,  jam and piping hot tea and … Read More

July’s Letter from the Curator (2017)

Dear Friends, Warmth at last and blue skies . We are feverishly planting bedding flowers and enjoying the scent of the lavender.  I have caught more than one gardener speaking to the bees and butterflies as they dance around the blooms in the herb garden. The river Dove is also proving a happy place for paddling in the cool waters … Read More