Dance With Red and Ginger

Vintage Dance Classes at Tutbury Castle!

Learn to Lindy hop, check out the Charleston and surrender to the sound of Swing!


Every Monday night (term-time only) from 8pm-9pm. Red and Ginger will be here from 7:30 – get here early if you can so classes can start promptly.

What should I bring?

A smile and a bottle of water won’t go amiss. You don’t need to bring a partner (though fantastic if you do!) as Red and Ginger will come and dance with you. They will also be teaching some dances that don’t require partners.

Water will be available to top up your bottles, and hot drinks and biscuits are provided for a small donation towards the Castle.

What should I wear?

As long as you’re comfortable (and it’s safe for dancing in) anything goes!

Some people like to wear smart trousers/dresses/skirts, other prefer to come to classes a bit more casual (and save dressing up for events and social dances) – it’s really up to you.

Flat shoes that won’t fly off are recommended, and ones without too much grip – a bit of slip helps with some of the moves. Small, wide heels are fine as long as you feel comfortable dancing in them, but feel free to bring a spare pair of flats just in case.

Please come in sensible shoes, and change before the class, as the car park can be quite muddy.


Membership costs £10 per year, or £4 per term. You will receive a membership card and will be able to earn FREE classes! Coming soon – t-shirts and totebags for your dance shoes!

Classes are £5 – for members, every 6th class is FREE!

For more information please visit or email