Other Characters & Lectures Available

Tutbury Castle also offers a range of presentations by our guest speakers.

Corsets and Codpieces

This fascinating talk by Louise Chapman looks at the history of the codpiece and the corset, from their origins in history to their use in contemporary fashion. Focusing on the history of both the corset and the codpiece, with an opportunity to view reproduction examples, you will look at the development of both garments throughout history and follow the changes of use in society from a practical garment to a fashion garment. She also discusses ladies historical underwear through history with examples to view, including bustles, and panniers.

Louise has worked as a theatrical costumier for over 15 years and has worked with some of the best regarded theatre companies in the United Kingdom including the Royal Shakespeare Company. She currently teaches at Birmingham City University on the BA Fashion course, teaching historical cutting and construction

Merrie Din

This group of musicians sing songs and play folk tunes on instruments of both the Medieval and Tudor periods; bagpipes, harps, recorders, tabors, tambourin de bearne and drum. Music of the times wasn’t as dull as its made out to be and they liked a lively song as much as we do! Hear the sound of these long lost instruments as played by the minstrels of Merrie Din – just wait till you hear those tunes!

This presentation may also include short interludes as they tell you the history behind these instruments.

Medieval Talks

Illustrated with reproduction relics of the period, costumed speakers Master Dan and Mistress Eleanor will tell you of these times past and how the people of the Medieval period, both rich and poor, dressed, lived and ate.

Presented with humour and linking with many of the customs and sayings still practiced today, these talks are very visual and interactive with the audience. A short explanation and demonstration of the musical instruments of the day may also be included.

The History of Fireworks

Henry VIII saw them and Elizabeth I loved them too. Fireworks have been in England a lot longer than most people realise. This talk is absolutely fascinating and followed by a demonstration in the Castle Grounds.

Chris Pearce who owns Jubilee Fireworks is our speaker and will reveal the magic of the fireworks we all know and love.