October’s Letter From The Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, Such a warm September and now flames of colour are licking through the trees below the castle and in-between the wet and windy clouds I can definitely see patches of bright blue sky. We have just closed for the season for general entry, but the Castle remains open throughout the winter for pre-booked events. We shall be organising … Read More

September’s Letter From The Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, That was some August, a month to remember in so many ways. All our events for the month have been really well attended, most particularly the concert with Silcone Taxis and the other bands, and the Fairytale bank holiday event which is always spectacular. There was a nine foot fairy on stilts with huge pink wings, lots of … Read More

June’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, Such a joy to be open, even if the weather has been somewhat challenging. It has been hard to know whether to wear flippers, a vest or perhaps a swimming costume as the elements ripped around the castle, giving us plenty to think about. Our visitors still came and we all loved seeing each other again. It has … Read More

April’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, April – Hoorah! Not any old April but one that brings the news that we open here at the castle on April 12th. After all this time, we can be together again – cautiously, but definitely together. There is much cheering here in our fortress, with a sense of joy and much planting and re-decorating, and everyone happy … Read More

March’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, March 2021, and I feel like I have been dreaming and lost a whole year! I keep talking about last year when I mean the year before! I have patient staff – thank goodness… The new porch has been unveiled. It is the old one, rebuilt, and it looks stunning. Craftsmen who specialise in repairing listed buildings are … Read More