June’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, Such a joy to be open, even if the weather has been somewhat challenging. It has been hard to know whether to wear flippers, a vest or perhaps a swimming costume as the elements ripped around the castle, giving us plenty to think about. Our visitors still came and we all loved seeing each other again. It has … Read More

April’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, April – Hoorah! Not any old April but one that brings the news that we open here at the castle on April 12th. After all this time, we can be together again – cautiously, but definitely together. There is much cheering here in our fortress, with a sense of joy and much planting and re-decorating, and everyone happy … Read More

March’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, March 2021, and I feel like I have been dreaming and lost a whole year! I keep talking about last year when I mean the year before! I have patient staff – thank goodness… The new porch has been unveiled. It is the old one, rebuilt, and it looks stunning. Craftsmen who specialise in repairing listed buildings are … Read More