February’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, So, February is upon us and the snowdrops don’t know about the crisis that mankind has endured. They are springing bravely through the snow and wet earth reminding us all that nature carries on. Here at Tutbury Castle we are continuing to completely clear and re-establish the boxed gardens with new plants using Tudor principles. When I first … Read More

January’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends, HAPPY AND HOPEFUL NEW YEAR! It has been such a long time since I last wrote a Curator’s Letter, and it is with a sense of hope I write this one. May I firstly say how incredibly grateful I am for the huge numbers that respond to postings on Facebook, write emails and even send cards. Thank you … Read More

March’s Letter from the Curator (2020)

Dear Friends, This is the month for mad March winds and mad March hares, both of which we have at the castle although a gorgeous red hare has only been seen at the castle a couple of times, he is still talked about with wonder. Meanwhile great gusts of wind are blowing away the winter cold as we prepare for … Read More

February’s Letter from the Curator (2020)

Dear Friends, February – it can be a bit bleak and cold but at the heart of the month is St. Valentine’s Day and I know lots of couples, some of whom have been married for decades, still send romantic cards and flowers. It is a charming tradition and not all about the card making industry but also about a … Read More


2020 sounds like a date from a science fiction film and if I remember one particular 1970’s film correctly we should all be walking around in tin foil dresses and white zip up suits for men carrying light guns on our hips. The only creature in the castle in tinfoil lately was the Turkey as two families stayed at the … Read More