March’s Letter from the Curator (2020)

Dear Friends, This is the month for mad March winds and mad March hares, both of which we have at the castle although a gorgeous red hare has only been seen at the castle a couple of times, he is still talked about with wonder. Meanwhile great gusts of wind are blowing away the winter cold as we prepare for … Read More

February’s Letter from the Curator (2020)

Dear Friends, February – it can be a bit bleak and cold but at the heart of the month is St. Valentine’s Day and I know lots of couples, some of whom have been married for decades, still send romantic cards and flowers. It is a charming tradition and not all about the card making industry but also about a … Read More


2020 sounds like a date from a science fiction film and if I remember one particular 1970’s film correctly we should all be walking around in tin foil dresses and white zip up suits for men carrying light guns on our hips. The only creature in the castle in tinfoil lately was the Turkey as two families stayed at the … Read More

December’s Letter from the Curator (2019)

Christmas is coming, but the goose just has heavy bones! Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Christmas is of course first and foremost a religious festival, but the idea of eating, drinking and making merry at midwinter to hold the darkness at bay is a tradition in many cultures. Here at the Castle we are firm believers in … Read More

November’s Letter from the Curator (2019)

Dear Friends, Mary Queen of Scots once described Tutbury Castle as ‘exposed to all winds and injuries of heaven’, and after the last few weeks it’s easy to see what she meant. Mary arrived in the depths of winter both in 1569 and in 1585, and the wintery weather contributed to her impression of the Castle as cold and unwelcoming. … Read More

October’s Letter from the Curator (2019)

Dear Friends, October can be one of the most spectacular months in the English countryside. The brilliant colours of the leaves against a bright blue autumn sky make such a day unforgettable. Although the season is over now for general opening, we remain open all year for booked parties and schools. In addition to the Castle itself, we also make … Read More

August’s Letter from the Curator (2019)

Dear Friends, As the last bank holiday before the schools’ return is now upon us, and there is a great sense of making the most of a family day out, the castle is preparing for the arrival of princesses and pirates. Here at Tutbury Castle the August bank holiday has celebrated the great fairy tales of childhood for many years … Read More

July’s Letter from the Curator (2019)

This is my July’s Curator’s Letter, and yet I could have sworn we missed June!  For those of you who are reading this from overseas (and I know there are quite a few of you) England has experienced the wettest June on record and although this has made the fields brilliantly green, our Summer wardrobes are calling, and we are … Read More

June’s Letter from the Curator (2019)

Dear Friends, That was quite some introduction into the Castle season with three Bank Holiday events in under six weeks!  Busy and happy in that order! The brand new Mary Queen of Scots exhibition is proving a real attraction and so well received.  We are delighted.  I think it is the new information about her captivity that has been discovered … Read More

May’s Letter from the Curator (2019)

Dear Friends, April has flown and the countryside is bursting with pink and white blossom, so May is really with us.  After twenty years at the castle, I still catch my breath as the Spring comes to the meadows around the castle reaching out to the blue hills of Dovedale. No wonder so many brides (and grooms) marry at the … Read More