December’s Letter from The Curator (2021)

Dear Friends,

Welcome to what many think is the most lovely time of the year, when friends and family can build bridges and that enduring sense of tradition and gratitude for the company of those we love. The Great Hall is decorated beautifully, with some new designs of decorations but all traditional and the ooh’s and aah’s when people come into the room makes it all worthwhile.  We are excited too, and the smell of the cinnamon and fresh oranges makes the rooms seem of another time when the pace was slower and faith was strong. It is enchanting with the fire lit and sparking bright up the chimney.

The festive teas are proving popular with more being put online, so you can enjoy this memorable event too. Do look on this website for further details if you would like to join us with family or friends.

If you have small children or grandchildren – not to mention nephews and nieces, then do bring them to our “Frozen” event on 11th and 12th December where they can meet ”Elsa” and “Anna” and play games and enjoy special Christmas food.

Some proposals will have the best answer of “yes” and we are here at the castle ready to discuss your wedding and make those dreams come true. Yes, we are very busy with re-booked weddings, but we do have some dates available.

Finally, may I wish you and your family and friends the happiest Christmas you can remember  – at last!

So from all of us here………………. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR