January’s Letter from the Curator (2017)


I know it is a bit miserable getting back to work or routines when Christmas is so full of feasting and fun and just having a great time with family and friends.

It is the thought of mornings that are dark and often bitterly cold and there is very little money flying about after the extravagances of December that can make January such hard work. Here at Tutbury Castle we have,  surprisingly, one of the busiest times of the year in January. This is because romance and Christmas go together and therefore we are answering lots of enquiries about weddings as many couples get engaged over Christmas. I think it is all that kissing under the Mistletoe that does it!

We have such a thing as central heating at the castle and a roaring fire in the Great Hall to welcome couples who sit holding hands , star-struck with each other.  Young and mature, rich and budget restricted, we can usually make sure of a dream wedding and it is lovely seeing them come back to us for the big day, often in a blaze of sunshine with our roses out.

This month, if you feel you just want to do something different we have ghost hunts that are inexpensive compared with similar properties and they are such a scream – literally!  We are always open for groups to visit us for perhaps a light lunch or afternoon tea and talk by a historical character of your choice on an available date. We only need fifteen in a party to make this happen and at just £12.50 a head, it is great value and a chance for an outing without breaking the bank. Do call 01283 812129 if you would like to enquire about an outing for this or any other month in 2017 or beyond.

It is always strange writing the new date for a few weeks and suddenly it feels like 2017 which let us hope and pray is a great deal less momentous than last year. I have been told that an ancient Chinese curse is “May you live in exciting times.”    So I send you a traditional English blessing of “ Peace, health and comfort be upon your souls”

Best wishes to all

Lesley Smith