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Tutbury Castle would like to thank the following for their kind permission to use the following images both in their visitors guide and on the website:

  • The Utoxeter Morris for permission to use their image.
  • Birmingham Archaeology for the archaeological images.
  • The British Library for the plan.
  • The British Museum for the images of coins.
  • The National Archives for the drawing of the castle.
  • The National Print Gallery for the portraits.
  • L’Artillerie Légère, Victoria’s 80th Regiment and the Vikings of Middle England for the re-enactment shots.
  • Richard Kelleher for the reconstruction drawings.
  • Dr Roger Joy for the image of embroidery.
  • Avant, Burton Daily Mail Ltd, Geoff Buxton, Judith Collison, David Child, Stephen Dodd, Terry Evans, Colin Gray.
  • Photographer, Alex Mumford, Nick Starbuck, Owen Strudwick and Dr Gareth Williams for other images.
  • Mr. David Ashbolt of the marquess of Winchester’s Regiment.