March’s Letter from the Curator (2020)

Dear Friends,

This is the month for mad March winds and mad March hares, both of which we have at the castle although a gorgeous red hare has only been seen at the castle a couple of times, he is still talked about with wonder. Meanwhile great gusts of wind are blowing away the winter cold as we prepare for the Spring and crocuses are just beginning to show taking the place of the castle snowdrops. The formal gardens are being planted out carefully we all prepare ourselves for the new season of 2020.

There is batch buying of thick green tights for Robin and Hood and his Merry men due here for the Easter Bank holiday and I must say the plans are exciting. I am glad we are having the Sherriff of Nottingham too so the children can tell him off in defence of the heroic Robin. There is nothing like seeing a four-year-old with one hand on a hip and the other shaking a finger at a full-grown man in costume being hauled over the coals. It can be very touching as, some years ago, I played the part of a Viking slave chained at the throat by a collar and held at the back of one of Viking tents. A little girl of about 9 appeared and having seen me, was not at all happy! She came back four times to ask what the Viking thought he was doing with me and that I should be set free. The fourth time we gave up and I was set free, at which point she was happy and glad she had set me free. I do wonder if she will be a human rights lawyer by now and a very successful one too!

People of all backgrounds and all ages come here, and it is always a privilege to welcome them here as, although we have lots of events here at the castle we miss the sound of families laughing and running round on the green lawns. It won’t be long now as we open at Easter!

Best wishes