March’s Letter from the Curator (2021)

Dear Friends,

March 2021, and I feel like I have been dreaming and lost a whole year! I keep talking about last year when I mean the year before! I have patient staff – thank goodness…

The new porch has been unveiled. It is the old one, rebuilt, and it looks stunning. Craftsmen who specialise in repairing listed buildings are real experts, and they worked in all weathers without complaint – we are full of admiration for them.  

The marquee has been decorated to the hilt and is waiting for celebrations. The plants and flowers are arriving in three weeks’ time to give the castle a blaze of colour everywhere, and new signs are being designed about the history of the castle as I write this letter. It can be an expensive business researching Tutbury Castle because, inevitably new findings come out and that usually means changing the signs to accommodate. It was only five years ago that we discovered King Richard III had been here for five nights just ten months before his death.  I have absolutely no doubt there is a lot more to discover about this extraordinary grey fortress that has been here for almost 1,000 years and man has inhabited since c6,000 B.C.

Weddings are being booked every week and there is joy in the air as people are so excited to fulfil their dreams. We continued to follow Government guidelines to the letter and by doing so we know people who visit will feel safe and protected – as it should be.

Sending you my absolute best wishes for a happy and healthy Spring.

Lesley Smith